I feel I can say this with some authority, considering I was present for the cars set on fire, tear gas and general anarchy after Maryland's win over Duke last year in College Park: When the Terrapins beat the Blue Devils, things get crazy.

In an effort to counter-balance that this year, Linda Clement, Maryland's Vice President of Student Affairs, sent an email to the students earlier in the week (called Beat Duke Week at the school, by the way).

From the Maryland Diamondback's sports blog:

“We remind you that we have had some post game disturbances in the past that have put people and property at risk on and off the campus.  Following last year’s home victory against Duke, six students were involved in acts of fire setting, vandalism, and other destructive acts on campus-all six were suspended under the University’s policy prohibiting riotous behavior, http://www.president.umd.edu/policies/docs/v100b.pdf.

However things unfold on Wednesday night, please be safe yourself and remind your friends about their responsibility to be good citizens.”

The Diamondback smartly says the proximity of rowdy, inebriated students to a bonfire may not be the smartest idea. From the safety of Durham, N.C. tomorrow, I plan on watching with interest!