No. 3 Duke 51, No. 2 Connecticut 87, FINAL: Well, that's all she wrote. The Blue Devils were shown who's boss, and despite having an undefeated record and multiple impressive wins going into the game, Duke now knows they still have time until they're on top. Hopefully they get a chance for some revenge come March.

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No. 3 Duke 47, No. 2 Connecticut 80, 3:08 2nd half: The offensive performance in the second half has been stellar, with 32 points so far against one of the top teams in the country. Still, the Blue Devils have had no answer for Maya Moore, Tiffany Hayes and Kelly Faris defensively. The Huskies have also been on fire from deep, shooting 50% from long range. The unsung hero for the Huskies will ultimately be Stefanie Dolson who, despite only having eight points, has dominated the paint with 12 rebounds. Duke has been unsuccesful battling her all game, with Krystal Thomas, Allison Vernerey and Kathleen Scheer sharing the load.

No. 3 Duke 32, No. 2 Connecticut 56, 11:45 2nd half: At least the Blue Devils aren't going down without a fight. The game may be lost, but at least they have been competitive in the first eight minutes.

Jasmine Thomas has led Duke's improve performance this half with seven points in the period.

Duke came back from 20 points against NC State last week. Can they do it again? Do you believe in miracles?

No. 3 Duke 21, No. 2 Connecticut 46, 16:29 2nd half: All-aboard the come-back train! Choo-choo! Just kidding, but at least it's better than the first half, with the score so far this half being 5-5. Notably, Chelsea Gray and Kathleen Scheer began the half on the bench in favor of Allison Vernerey and the seldom used Richa Jackson. At least Maya Moore is no longer single-handedly outscoring Duke, as she did in the first half. Now it's only Maya Moore 19, Duke 21.

No. 3 Duke 15, No. 2 Connecticut 41, halfitme: There's only one good thing to say about the first half ending this way: there are only twenty minutes of torture left. The undefeated Blue Devils came out flat in the first half, constantly being outworked for rebounds and in transition. A primary perpetrator of both of these crimes is Krystal Thomas, who has regularly been defeated on the boards by 6-foot-5 center Stefanie Dolson.

Duke is 5-32 from the field, including 1-10 from downtown. UConn is 15-29, including 4-8 from three land. Jasmine Thomas is the offensive leader for Duke with a whopping three points.

The UConn fans chanted "over-rated" towards the Duke bench at the end of the half. Are they right?

No. 3 Duke 4, No. 2 Connecticut 26, 6:56 1st half: Frankly, Duke is just being outworked. A perfect example was a couple possessions ago when Karima Christmas had what appeared to be a defensive rebound, only to have two Huskies just rip out of her hands. UConn's dominance is also feeding the ebullient atmosphere here, which is certainly frustrating both McCallie and the team.

No. 3 Duke 2, No. 2 Connecticut 21, 11:50 1st half: So, remember that time I live-blogged about the Duke-UConn game that was 13-2? Well, now it's 21-2 and Coach McCallie's squad seemingly has no answer to the Huskies' attack. A quick stat comparison: Duke is 1-13 from the field, while the Huskies are 9-14. UConn has 12 rebounds, to the Blue Devils' 6. When a team is down 19 points in the first eight minutes, it means just about everything is going wrong. Shay Selby has the only two points for the lifeless Duke squad.

No. 3 Duke 2, No. 2 Connecticut 11, 14:52 1st half: No, that's not a typo. UConn began the game on an 11-0 run, and the crowd has been merciless on the Blue Devils. Duke begun the game 0-12 from the field, while the Huskies are 5-7, including two threes from Kelly Farris. Coach Joanne P. McCallie has already called two timeouts trying to settle things down, so we'll see if they can climb out of the early hole.

PREGAME: Welcome to The Chronicle's live blog of the top-five showdown between Connecticut and Duke. There is a wild atmosphere here at the Gampel Pavilion in Storrs, CT - possibly the most intimidating place to play in women's basketball.

Duke starters: Krystal Thomas, Chelsea Gray, Karima Christmas, Kathleen Scheer and Jasmine Thomas

Connecticut starters: Tiffany Hayes, Bria Hartley, Maya Moore, Stefanie Dolson and Kelly Farris.

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