After spending the majority of the evening entirely on the court, in the field of play, University of Miami (Ohio) head coach Charlie Coles added some humor to last night’s press conference.

Following his team’s lopsided loss to Duke, Coles was asked by a Chronicle reporter if nerves played a role in his team’s performance. At that point, Coles pulled a Randy Moss and decided it was his turn to ask the questions.

He admitted that yes nerves played a role but then asked the reporter, “Are you afraid of a bear?”

Reporter: "Yes."

Coles: "Why?"

Reporter: "Because it's bigger and stronger than me?"

Coles: "Well then now you understand why they was fumbling the ball."

In addition to poking fun at a reporter, Coles was actually sending a very clear message:  The Blue Devils were “bigger and stronger” than the RedHawks.