Last week, the nation became utterly transfixed by a phenomenon so sweeping it required just one name: Pauluspalooza. Err, scratch that. Make it Greg-A-Palooza.

That's what the creators of the must-have-of-the-week wrote in an e-mail Sunday to those who had ordered the keepsake. Some "legal issues" with Syracuse University forced them to modify the first edition of the shirt -- truly a collector's item now! -- in three ways:

  • The name, Greg-A-Palooza, no longer refers to a specific player. The 2009 Homecoming Tour, after all, could be talking about, say, my roommate. Hypothetically.
  • Nowhere is Syracuse University mentioned.
  • The dominant image on the front of the shirt, formerly the Carrier Dome, is now some sort of far-out amalgam of spotlight beams.

The official e-mail from the entrepreneurs, forwarded by a tipster:

As you may have noticed our website has been "under maintenance" since thursday afternoon. we ran into some legal issues with the university that we needed to take care of regarding the shirt "pauluspalooza" due to the incredible response on the internet causing it even to be mentioned on college football live on ESPN on friday night. these issues have now been resolved on our end but unfortunately the shirt had to undergo a few minor changes. we understand that due to these changes you might want to change your orders but we would like you to know that if you are to keep your order you will be refunded $1.00 for each shirt that you have purchased plus a portion of the proceeds for the new shirt will go to the boys and girls club of syracuse. to view the new shirt and website please go to the new shirts will ship by the end of the week. thank you all again for your interest and support. hope you like the new shirt. if you have any questions please feel free to ask.

The graphics are different, but it would be foolish of anyone to suddenly cancel their order. After all, the essence of the T-shirt is the same, and it's still pretty obvious who the Greg is in Greg-A-Palooza. In fact, the removal of specific references to the Orange probably makes the crew-neck more appealing to Duke fans. (Hint: Make a shirt in blue, and watch the shipments to Durham multiply.)

Plus, interested parties save some money and contribute to charity. Win-win-win!