cutgirdleIt was the controversy du jour in ACC football, and while the so-called Girdle-gate is now resolved, that didn't stop Duke head coach David Cutcliffe from having some fun with  the pseudo-scandal.

A quick primer: last week, Clemson was forced to cancel a practice after its players wore girdles, or padded compression shorts, on a no-pad day -- which, believe it or not, violated NCAA rules. The NCAA quickly relented on the decision after it became clear that, well, every team wore girdles on no-pad days!

Which brings us to Cutcliffe, who played show-and-tell with reporters yesterday to demonstrate the absurdity of the ruling:

"Let me see if I got it handy. This is the girdle in question. It's a compression short. I thought Taylor might want to put it on, to see if he feels like he's in full pads. We'll put him over in the corner, anybody want to tackle him? So that's the demon right there. That puts you in full pads. I don't know about that.


"You see what we're dealing with? I thought somebody might ask me about that, so I brought a girdle. It's a large. Anybody need a large girdle, let me know."

Any takers?