Mike Krzyzewski probably wasn't in the best mood Sunday after his team's fourth loss in six games. But the Blue Devils' 80-74 loss to Boston College had no bearing on a video he recorded to congratulate Team USA on its gold medal in Beijing. The message was aired at halftime of the NBA All-Star Game, when representatives in the Olympics were honored.

"Congratulations, guys, on a mission accomplished, winning the gold medal and receiving your rings today," Krzyzewski said. "The rings are never-ending. They reprsent our brotherhood that we developed and shared to accomplish our mission. That mission wasn't just to win the gold medal, but to win the respect of our country and the world. It was an honor, a true honor, to be a part of that team. Thanks, guys."

(Note: We wrote down the transcript as we were watching, so it might be a bit off. Feel free to correct us in the comments section below.)