NEW YORK -- Mike Krzyzewski may reprise his role as Team USA head coach, but he won't make any sort of decision until after the season, he said Friday after Duke's win in the 2K Sports Classic.

"It's too early to make any commitments for players or coaches," Krzyzewski said. "We're all in season. That would be a disservice to my own Duke team. I'm open to do anything that will help USA Basketball, that doesn't mean I'd be the coach again. It's a big commitment. I love Jerry [Colangelo] and love what they're doing. It's just not the time yet. What I'm doing with these kids, that's my job and after this season is over I would give it whatever consideration after talking with my family. I can't do that now and give it my full attention. That's not right."

Krzyzewski said in August that he anticipated staying on as a consultant to Team USA, but Yahoo! Sports reported Friday that Colangelo planned to offer Krzyzewski the chance to lead his team to another gold medal.