Wednesday afternoon study sessions in Perkins and Bostock Libraries got a little more eventful when the fire alarm was triggered, causing the evacuation of both buildings.

The alarm was set off due to the construction on the first floor of Bostock, said Aaron Wellborn, director of communications for Duke Libraries. A new sprinkler system malfunctioned while being installed, tripping the alarm.

The sprinklers did not go off, and no damage was sustained.

"Everyone was in and out fine, we checked all of the floors," Wellborn said. "We can never know if it's the real deal or just something related to the construction, so we always err on the side of safety."

The alarm went off around 3:00 pm, and the all-clear was given approximately 30 minutes later.

The first floor of Bostock is currently closed as the space undergoes renovations to become an interdisciplinary research center called "The Edge." Construction is set to wrap up at the end of the semester.