Contrary to rumors, Grace's Café is remaining on campus next year.

A post on Duke's Fix My Campus Facebook page that stated the café would close quickly garnered dozens of comments from concerned students Friday afternoon. Both Duke Dining Services and Grace's management, however, said that the claim was false.

Grace's owner Jack Chao confirmed that the restaurant is staying on campus in its Trent Hall location, without any changes in management.

"I've been with Grace's Café for 16 years," Chao said. "I have no intention to change any management."

Director of Duke Dining Services Robert Coffey verified that the restaurant would remain on campus in an email Friday afternoon.

With more than 2,200 members, the Fix My Campus page—run by Duke Student Government's Fix My Campus committee—operates as a forum for students to voice concerns about campus life. A number of recent posts have focused on dining culture, particularly the departure of the Law Refectory Café.