An anonymous submission revealed suicidal thoughts in an entry on Sunday. is a website aimed at bringing awareness to issues that are typically ignored due to social stigma. The website is a collection of secrets written on anonymous post cards that are mailed in from around the country.

The postcard showed a picture of the Duke Chapel and read, "Sometimes I wish I had the courage to jump off the top of this chapel. I'd ask for help but no one actually cares. No one actually understands. Everyone is self absorbed in their own lives."

The post garnered many email responses from readers of PostSecret offering support. One response came from a Chapel Hill resident who urged the anonymous poster to stay safe and seek out suicide prevention in the area.

Another response directed the author of the postcard to Duke's Counseling and Psychological Services located at 214 Page Building. CAPS offers the services psychologists, social workers and psychiatrists free Duke students. The staff works with students dealing with everything from the challenges of everyday life to more serious conditions that effect daily functioning.

"...we recognize that any student may face some level of challenge at any point in their careers here at Duke. Our work is guided by sensitivity to the needs of a diverse student body," the CAPS website states.

CAPS can be reached Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at 919-660-1000.