Junior Awa Nur has won the DSG presidency, DSG Attorney General Meg Foran told The Chronicle.

The first-round vote percentages are below. DSG uses an instant runoff system to determine the winner in the event that a candidate does not receive a simple majority of the votes in the first round.

  • Awa Nur: 35.11 percent
  • Chelsea Goldstein: 27.7 percent
  • Mike Lefevre: 20.59 percent
  • Kousha Navidar: 16.59 percent

The other winners:

  • Executive Vice President: Gregory Morrison
  • VP for Academic Affairs: Cynthia Chen
  • VP for Athletics and Campus Services: Peter Schork
  • VP for Durham and Regional Affairs: Will Passo
  • VP of Student Affairs: Spencer Eldred
  • VP of Inter-Community Council: Andrew Brown