Rumors of Pegram's new therapy cat demystified

Rumors have been circulating around campus about Pegram’s new “therapy cat” named Crookshanks.

As it turns out, Crookshanks belongs to Heidi Johnson, the current Graduate Resident of Pegram.

“She was raised in the dorm so we joke about her being a certified therapy cat because she only knows dorm life and being around freshmen," Johnson said. "Crooksie loves to cuddle with the residents of Pegram and residents find the time with the cat healing and restoring."

Students often come over to her apartment for “cat therapy," Johnson added.

The Resident Assistants and residents of Pegram appeared to know about Crookshanks as well.

“Crookshanks is [Heidi’s] pet cat. She’s very cute. She has her own play area set up for her, and Heidi’s apartment is very homey,” said sophomore Justin Bryant, Pegram’s first floor RA. “I don’t think Crookshanks is our ‘therapy cat.’ I’m pretty sure she’s just like, Heidi’s cat."

Bryant mentioned that Johnson once held an event where residents got to meet Crookshanks... Read more

HackDuke: hacking for social good

Duke's 24-hour hackathon–HackDuke–took place this past weekend.

From Saturday morning to Sunday afternoon, students from across the nation collaborated with software engineers from tech companies and other members of the community to build proofs of concepts that aim to improve society, said senior Ashley Qian, the lead co-organizer of HackDuke 2014.

"[HackDuke] is the largest collegiate hackathon for social good in the nation," Qian said.

This weekend, CIEMAS–where the event was located–was filled with hundreds of students, who scrutinized their screens intently, brainstormed ideas and spoke with representatives from well-known software companies.

Teams of up to four students came together to address this year’s tracks of impact: inequality, education, health and wellness, and energy and the environment. Students of all skill levels were welcome to participate.

As a potential Computer Science major, freshman Richard Law felt that getting involved in HackDuke was a fun way to supplement his understanding of the field... Read more

Polls: Which professor should you take?

Chronicle Graphic by Georgia Parke
Spring registration is upon us. It's often said that the choice of a course instructor is more important than the choice of the course itself. Registration has been delayed for a weekend, leaving more time to fine-tune one's bookbag contents. Below is a list of common courses and the professors teaching them next semester. If you have taken any of the classes or professors, vote and help other students make the right decisions when it comes to scheduling this Spring… before it's too late.
MATH 111
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Student Organizations try to maximize voter turnout

Initiatives to promote student voter turnout in the recent NC midterm senate elections have been widespread.

Flyers and tables across campus, social media advertisement, and more have made its profound impact on encouraging students to sign up and go to the polls to vote.

The election, set to take place on November 4, 2014 will be a close race between Democrat Senator Kay Hagen, Republican Thom Tills, and Libertarian Sean Haugh.It’s an extremely important election to decide the composition of the Senate.

Student voter turnout from Duke has always been high, and this year is shaping up to be no different. With widespread and extensive initiatives from DSG and other groups on campus, registering for the polls and going to the polls has never been more accessible. DSG is funding transportation to the polls for early voting as well as on election day.

“About 400 students have registered to vote... Read more

Blue Rose Society shuts down

Annie Piotrowski / The Chronicle

You may have seen an advertisement about the Blue Rose Society while riding on the bus, flipping through The Chronicle, or using QDuke. You may have wondered what the quotes meant or what the blue rose signified.

According to founder George Grody, a visiting associate professor in Markets and Management Studies, the Blue Rose Society was an organization to “bring back chivalry,” where the term “chivalry” means honor, service to others, courage and respect... Read more

How to help a friend with disordered eating

Duke Student Health Center and Counseling and Psych Services (CAPS) partnered with two undergraduate students, Cara Peterson and Amanda Lewellyn, to host How to Help a Friend with Disordered Eating Tuesday. The monthly series started this semester, and originated from Celebrate Our Bodies Week, an annual campaign in February, which promotes awareness of eating disorders and sparks campus-wide discussions on how to best address this issue.

“We created this monthly event instead of only one a year because of the importance of continuing this conversation, which will quiet down if it’s only one week long.” Peterson said. “We really liked the idea of student sharing, and the creation of a safe space so students can feel more comfortable sharing stories and questions.”

The presenters kicked off this monthly meeting by reading aloud the 5 Myths of Disordered Eating, which were written out on a large poster board... Read more

The Pros and Cons of Mulch Paths

Since construction shut down the marble sidewalk in front of the main entrance to Perkins, a temporary mulch path has been set down to help pedestrians cross the lawn. Here are the cases for and against the lovely addition to our construction-infested campus.


1. Great place to hide your nuts—if you are a squirrel, or have squirrel-like tendencies.

2. Increases the biodiversity of Duke’s grounds by creating a moist and warm home for centipedes, spiders, and other fun creatures.

3. Makes a post-card perfect picture with the blue construction fence in the center and the crane on the horizon.

4. Brown color is reminiscent of dirt hiking trails, so you won’t feel as bad taking the hike from the west bus stop to the distant side entrance of Perkins.

5. Absorbent material will suck up your midterm stress tears.

6. Cushions the fall of your iPhone 6 if you drop it.

7. Kills unsightly weeds, especially grass.

8... Read more

The Legends of Omar's Cab

A cluster of Shooters-bound students piles into a gray cab shaking from the bass of the radio. “Wassup, wassup ladies!" the driver greets them before the loaded vehicle zooms off into the night.

Over the course of the past sixteen years, Omar has gained prominent status amongst Duke’s late night party-goers. His is a household name for many fraternities and sororities, and his hours are occupied by personal calls, rather than ones from his dispatcher, Charlene’s Safe Ride. A text sent to Omar is typically greeted by a response within seconds.

“It's not just about the business for him," said sophomore Davis English. "He values the relationships with his clients and really takes interest in the Duke social scene.”

Omar was named Umernajan at birth, but said he identifies with Omar because the shorter handle is easier for customers. He refused to disclose his last name, calling it “boring” and “too long." Omar and his family immigrated to the United States from India when he was sixteen years old... Read more

Searching for your ideal job or internship

Noticed those people walking around campus in business attire with resumes in their hands? It is that time of the year—recruiting season. Finding a job or an internship is a daunting task, but Career Center’s Strategies for Job & Internship Searches workshop can help with navigating the process. Below are some of the important steps that were shared by Teri Mills from the Career Center.

1. Assessment is key

Questions like “tell us about yourself” and “why do you want this job” have become a recurring theme in the application and interview process. Before you can decide what companies or positions are right for you, you need to first understand who you are and be able to articulate that... Read more