Searching for your ideal job or internship

Noticed those people walking around campus in business attire with resumes in their hands? It is that time of the year—recruiting season. Finding a job or an internship is a daunting task, but Career Center’s Strategies for Job & Internship Searches workshop can help with navigating the process. Below are some of the important steps that were shared by Teri Mills from the Career Center.

1. Assessment is key

Questions like “tell us about yourself” and “why do you want this job” have become a recurring theme in the application and interview process. Before you can decide what companies or positions are right for you, you need to first understand who you are and be able to articulate that... Read more

How to Win the State Fair

Everyone's favorite part of Fall semester is here—The North Carolina State Fair is coming to town Thursday with new attractions.

This year's fair will take place in Raleigh from Oct. 16-26. The fair attracts many North Carolinians, and is the state’s largest annual event. Be sure to not miss out and check it out this week.

The Chronicle has compiled this list of tips for any first time fair goers:

What to Expect:

  • · A LOT of people—approximately a million people visit the NC state fair every year.
  • · A little bit of everything for everyone: agricultural competitions, a petting zoo, carnival games, petting zoo, circus spectacles, a taste of North Carolinian culture.

What to Do:

  • Stay until the fireworks, which typically start around 9:45pm every night... Read more

In Case You Missed It 10/10

Duke has the seventh-most expensive on-campus housing of colleges in the United States. Awesome.

Several Ph.D. students have gone on a hunger strike in solidarity with Kobane, an area on the Turkish border being targeted by ISIS. They are hoping to bring attention to an area that hasn't received much international support thus far.

Duke has been dominating in the canine world Evolutionary anthropology professor Brian Hare was featured on 60 Minutes with Anderson Cooper. They talked about dogs. Alumnus Read more

Center for Race Relations and Common Ground: The making of an icon

Center for Race Relations started twelve years ago as a student effort to improve race relations on-campus.

CRR started as a student project in Tony Brown’s social entrepreneurship class in Spring 2002. The goal of CRR was to help Duke become a place where everyone could bring their full identities and learn to engage effectively across lines of difference, said Amy Lazarus, Trinity '05, co-founder of CRR.

"College is a time for people to come together and interact with others who have different backgrounds," Lazarus said. "Some didn't know how and others didn't know why, so we found a need for [CRR]."

Kesav Mohan, Trinity '04 and co-founder of CRR, said that CRR created safe avenues for students, staff and administrators to talk about and explore race.

"Before CRR, many people were afraid to talk about racial issues, because they didn't want to offend anyone," Mohan wrote in an email Wednesday.

One of the objectives of CRR was getting people who would not typically be involved to be involved... Read more

Know Your Rights: Duke Edition

The shooting of Michael Brown, has sparked a national, controversial discussion over citizens’ rights and police boundaries. Last week, Duke students gathered to clarify their own rights. This topic was especially poignant for some students who remembered when just last semester, a local Durham resident was filmed being arrested at the West Campus bus stop for stealing a Duke student’s book bag.

Last Wednesday, the Duke National Association for the Advancement of the Colored People and Duke Ethiopian/ Eritrean Student Transnational Association presented a new event, “Know Your Rights: Duke Edition”, as part of their Days of DESTA week of events.

More than forty Duke students attended this event. Three experts on the topic of citizen and Duke student rights, addressed prominent myths and realities about topics ranging from sexual assault to Miranda rights... Read more

"The Duke" vs. Duke: case dismissed

A federal district court in California has dismissed the lawsuit pitting the estate of actor John Wayne against the University.

The case made national headlines this summer, when Wayne's family sued the University in order to use the name Duke—Wayne's nickname for decades—to market bourbon and other alcoholic beverages. But the case was dismissed this week, on the grounds that the Trademark Appeal Board, rather than federal court, is the appropriate venue for the issue.

"We are pleased that the court has dismissed the lawsuit and we look forward to resolving this issue through the normal trademark process," Michael Schoenfeld, vice president of public affairs and government relations, said in a statement.

The suit was filed in July, with John Wayne Enterprises alleging that the University had unfairly blocked its attempts to use the Duke name... Read more

Alternative fall break options

Since as early as 1997, Duke has been offering alternative break options, typically in the form of service trips. This fall, Duke is offering three different programs for students to develop leadership skills and engage in a variety of different communities.

Common Ground

One of the most popular fall break opportunities is Common Ground, a four-day retreat organized by Center for Race Relations that brings together more than 50 students from different backgrounds. The goal of the trip is to “promote respect and understanding of diverse perspectives” and engage in conversations about personal identity, according to the Common Ground website.

“Common Ground was an eye-opening and humbling experience where I learned a lot from my peers and their experiences... Read more

Tinder Vs. Friendsy

With just a swipe to the right, Duke students can select their ‘match’ on Tinder, the mobile ‘dating service’. Let’s be honest, Tinder dating is more likely to be fun and fleeting than a long-stemmed roses affair. Renowned for being a little casual, sleazy and exciting, Tinder is definitely more popular on campus than its ‘no-risk’, ‘pick your level’ competitor, Friendsy.

Boasting “no randos,” Friendsy, unlike Tinder, is campus contained. It seems as though this concept turns some Dukies off. Declaring interest in someone online who you may run into after a Perkins all-nighter is a tad confronting. Tinder offers a world of non-Duke possibilities. I mean what’s dating without a little stranger-danger?

More significantly though, most Duke students haven’t even heard of Friendsy.

“I have no idea what a Friendsy is,” confessed sophomore Shelby Wailes.

Wailes’ comment pretty much summed up most of the student body’s knowledge of the app. Maybe Friendsy’s PR and Advertising team should get the hint?

For other students it is all about the who, and not the how... Read more

Demystifying forbidden fruit: The tunnels

Duke has numerous programs that encourage students to explore intellectually and globally, but it seems many students have found other realms for exploration not officially sanctioned by the administration.

Running under both East and West Campuses are tunnels used for distributing utilities such as power and steam to dorms and other buildings. Though there is a steam line running between East and West, there is no tunnel connection between the two.

It has become a tradition for Duke students to explore these tunnels, perhaps more accurately describes as connected basements, as one of five unofficial “graduation requirements” (the other four being a backwards drive around the traffic circle, climbing Baldwin Auditorium and sexual escapades in both Sarah P. Duke Gardens and Perkins Library).

A quick Google search yields a plethora of results about how to gain access to the tunnels as well as videos of their interiors, which range from cramped corners to relatively spacious hallways. But the resource would probably be experienced students... Read more

In Case You Missed It 9/26

With the advent of midterm season, its understandable if keeping up with the news has fallen by the wayside. Here's what happened this week.

Who needs a bucket of ice water when there's a whole pool? The Central Campus pool will close Sunday for the winter season. To mark the last day, Duke Aquatics will dump ice into the pool for a "Polar Plunge."

An army veteran who lost his sight and had to have both legs amputated came back to thank the Duke doctors who helped save his life.

Provost Sally Kornbluth presented the University's strategic plan. Research will get expanded, extracurriculars will get investigated and engineers will get to go abroad... Read more