Seth Curry used his breakout 2016-17 season as a springboard to star in a commercial with his more ...

Seth Curry stars with brother Stephen in 'Despicable Me' commercial

If Stephen Curry and former Blue Devil Seth Curry had a sibling rivalry in basketball, Stephen would have the better of it so far as a two-time MVP and 2015 NBA champion.

But Seth has started to inch closer to his brother as a shooter, and the two put their talents to the test in a commercial that was released last week for the movie "Despicable Me 3" and has aired regularly in the NBA playoffs.

In the commercial, the Curry brothers sit in the office of a fictional Dr. Collins, a sibling therapist, and toss crumpled up tissues into the trash can while Dr. Collins waits to start their meeting. The commercial then cuts to twin brothers Gru and Dru from "Despicable Me" playfully fighting before returning to the therapist's office, where the Currys are still ignoring Dr. Collins and he groans that he has to see the Gasol brothers—All-Stars Marc and Pau—next.

Seth Curry had a breakout season last year with the Dallas Mavericks, averaging 12.8 points per game and shooting 42.5 percent from beyond the arc. His shooting percentages were slightly better than Stephen's, though Stephen was generally more closely guarded by opposing defenses.

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