Duke students enjoyed the holiday festivities of Thanksgiving break in different ways. The longest break of the school year so far, students had the chance to return home, possibly for the first time since the beginning of the semester. Whether it was staying on campus and gaming with friends or going home to be with family and celebrating traditions, several students found they were thankful for a chance to catch a breather and spend time with the important people in their lives. The Chronicle’s Tim Bai talked to students and staff to see what composed their Thanksgiving experiences this year.

“Watched a lot of TV, ate too much food, fell terribly behind on work.”

—sophomore Mike Zhu

"Playing Family Feud on the iPad for hours with my cousins before being forced to go to dinner by their parents. We would have kept on going. Laughter kept us from getting hungry.”

—senior Iyanuoluwa Oke

“I had a lovely turkey dinner with my mother, dog and multivariable calculus textbook.”

—sophomore Max Staebler

“I’m on the football team, so I’ve been here over break practicing football and I went to the game [on Saturday]. I went to eat Thanksgiving dinner with a couple friends at the WaDuke.”

—junior Will Perrott

“I spent Thanksgiving alone watching Despicable Me because my friends all went to play League of Legends.”

—freshman Frank Wang

“My friends and I sat around and played a lot of League of Legends and Super Smash Brothers.”

—sophomore Howard Deng

“As an International, this was my first Thanksgiving. I spent it at a friend’s home in South Carolina, laughing at the table and learning how to stuff and roast a turkey. I felt like part of the family!”

—Tierney Maray, freshman from Australia

“I spent time at home—Atlanta—with my family. Thursday evening we had dinner with a family friend and watched a Tamil movie about a man and his robot double. The highlight of the break was watching with family Duke beat UNC to make it to the ACC Championship Game.”

—sophomore Simon David

“I have family all over North Carolina so I actually did a nice little triangle from Fayetteville to Charlotte, and I came back here [on Saturday].”

—senior Jason Maher

“I didn’t do anything special this year, but I Skyped with my sister for four hours.”

—sophomore Chuka Obiofuma

“I spent time with family, got to see my mom and dad and catch up with them. I don’t get to see them much. It was good, I ate a lot of food…. It was a little too short, but it was a nice little vacation and breather.”

—Javon Singletary, employee from The Loop Pizza Grill

“Before break, I actually made Thanksgiving dinner here for a bunch of my friends, and then went home for break. I had Thanksgiving with my family at my cousin’s house.… We normally have a huge family football game but we didn’t do that this year. My uncle used to go to Hawaii every Thanksgiving but he doesn’t do that anymore either. Hopefully it’ll be a tradition now for the next three years with the Thanksgiving [dinner] here.”

—sophomore Jake Kline