Senior Ashley Alman is running for Young Trustee on a platform that accentuates her extensive extracurriculars.
Senior Ashley Alman is running for Young Trustee on a platform that accentuates her extensive extracurriculars.

In her campaign for Young Trustee, senior Ashley Alman says she has amassed a variety of perspectives that help her to understand and convey the Duke undergraduate experience to the Board of Trustees.

A native of Boca Raton, Fla., Alman’s involvement on campus encompasses a large swath of activities. Alman, who is a political science major with a certificate in policy journalism and media studies, serves as an executive board member for both the First-Year Advisory Council and the Duke University Union. She also is employed as the chief blogger for the Office of Undergraduate Admissions and as a marketing intern for the Office of Undergraduate Education. In the past, she has served as a resident assistant, marketing chair of the Last Day of Classes Committee and a member of Campus Council and vice-president of East Campus Council. She said the scope of her involvement has given her the knowledge to most effectively represent the student body on the Board.

“The role of the Young Trustee is to speak to a wide range of experiences in an attempt to represent the undergraduate student body on the Board of Trustees,” Alman said. “I’ve been not just an involved member of campus, but an active, integrated member.”

She noted that her on-campus involvement has provided her with the capacity to understand the viewpoints of all facets of the undergraduate body—prospective students, through her admissions office work; first-years, through her time with the FAC program and East Campus Council; residents, through being an RA; and all others from her work with DUU and the Office of Undergraduate Education.

“The breadth of her experience qualifies her to understand Duke in a way that’s very current,” said Shilpi Kumar, a senior who has served with Alman as a FAC and on East Campus Council. “I really hope that students see the relevance of Ashley’s campaign to their own lives.”

Her career as a Duke student has also included time spent away from Durham—in 2011, she participated in DukeEngage Tucson, and she spent the Fall semester of her junior year in Barcelona.

“My experiences at Duke have sent me to every corner of campus and beyond,” Alman said. “I’ve engaged with an amazingly diverse, spirited and inspiring group of students through my campus involvements, and I feel very confident in my ability to speak to a wide range of perspectives.”

Alman’s character has been praised by students and faculty alike.

“She’s very approachable in a way that includes everyone,” said Kumar, a member of Alpha Phi sorority with Alman. “She considers everyone and makes you feel part of something.”

Kelly Alexander, an undergraduate instructor at the Center for Documentary Studies, has had Alman as a student twice—once in a narrative nonfiction workshop and again in a class on culinary cultures.

“She’s clearly conscientious,” Alexander said. “She’s a good listener, a good observer—she loves Duke unequivocally.”

If elected, Alman said she will provide the student perspective for discussions taking place at the highest level of the University, noting that she feels that her four years of campus involvement have given her the qualifications needed to do so.

“I know this University, and I am confident in my ability to speak on behalf of those who frequent it,” said Alman. “My experiences, involvement and interactions have helped me to understand the value in diversity, innovation, growth and change, and these are values that I will certainly defend in the boardroom.”

Carleigh Stiehm contributed reporting.