After meeting with all three candidates, the members of Blue Devils United enthusiastically support Gurdane Bhutani for Young Trustee. As Duke’s student group for LGBTQ and Allied students, BDU believes that Bhutani is best positioned to advocate for students as a member of the board and will best articulate the needs of LGBTQ students. We were particularly impressed by his extensive knowledge of the Board’s role within the larger University, and we admire his past work to guarantee free STI testing for students, his role as an advocate for better financial aid, and his support for gender neutral housing over the past few years. Bhutani articulates a vision for the Board and for Duke that focuses on diversity, leadership and innovation. As a member of the Board, Bhutani will work to protect Duke’s diversity and ensure that Duke continues to be a place where all students can thrive.

Jacob Tobia, Trinity ’14

President, Blue Devils United