Artists A-Trak (center), Tim Gunter (left) and the Knocks (right) will perform at the personal checks concert in K-Ville Saturday,  Feb. 8.
Photo Illustration by Elysia Su
Artists A-Trak (center), Tim Gunter (left) and the Knocks (right) will perform at the personal checks concert in K-Ville Saturday, Feb. 8.

Next weekend, K-Ville will be thumping with the electronic sounds of A-Trak, the Knocks and Tim Gunter, Duke University Union announced Friday.

DUU’s personal checks concert, which will take place at 8 p.m. Friday, Feb. 9, will feature a mix of house and electronic dance music, said senior Alex Shapanka, chair of DUU’s Major Attractions committee. DUU holds the concert in Krzyzewskiville each year on one of the nights leading up to the Duke vs. the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill men’s basketball game.

“We are all really excited about this year’s lineup,” Shapanka said. “The lineup is fun and really high energy. It will really complement the overall mood and excitement of [K-ville] during personal checks.”

Shapanka noted that there was negative feedback about last year’s headliner, Rebelution, because reggae music was the “wrong genre” for the K-Ville atmosphere.

“This year’s committee has responded to some concerns that last year’s concert was more niche by getting several artists who are not only different from each other, but accessible to just about anyone,” DUU President Nathan Nye, a senior, wrote in an email Sunday.

The final lineup was announced on Jan. 25 through the DUU Twitter account. The feedback has been all positive so far, Shapanka said.

“The way Major Attractions works in general is to plan an overall theme for the year, and not just event by event,” Shapanka said, noting that the performance will be in line with the genres of LDOC and other events throughout the year.

In addition to the performers, Shapanka said that students can look forward to 150 free tank tops and local food trucks at personal checks.

He said it is important for students to know that the alcohol policy for personal checks will be similar to the LDOC alcohol policy, noting that the policies will be strictly enforced. Glass containers and open distribution of alcohol will not be allowed, and there will be a six beers per person rule.

Freshman Michael McConville said he has never heard of the artists in the lineup, but he is very excited for the fun, community atmosphere of personal check nights.