IFC fraternities welcomed new members to their ranks Monday with the culmination of the two-week recruitment process.

The Interfraternity Council recruitment process officially concluded Monday at 2 p.m., the time at which prospective members had to turn in their bid cards. Regardless, fraternities are still able to give out snap bids until Friday at 5 p.m. to rushees who either did not receive or accept a bid. Out of 450 registered prospective new members, 377 bids were delivered Sunday night from 17 fraternities. Of these bids, 250 were accepted, said senior Charlie Blanchard, IFC vice president of recruitment. This is comparable to last year’s recruitment, with the IFC extending 382 bids to 247 rushees, with 201 of these bids accepted.

“I think recruitment was successful overall, and people were relatively happy how it ended up,” Blanchard said.

Blanchard noted that the earlier starting date presented a problem for some students.

“It wasn’t too different from last year,” he said. “We started a little bit earlier this year before classes began which presented a few issues with people returning, especially athletes or international students.”

According to numbers provided by Blanchard, Delta Tau Delta and Kappa Alpha Order were tied at 25 for the highest number of pledges while Sigma Pi had the lowest number of pledges, ending the process with one new member. Delta Sigma Phi had the biggest decrease in new members, taking 11 fewer than the previous year, whereas Sigma Chi had the greatest increase, taking 12 more into their pledge class.

Some fraternities were very pleased with the way recruitment turned out.

Senior Michael Coggins, president of Sigma Chi fraternity, noted the strong pledge class that his group had chosen this year.

“As a fraternity, we’re always less concerned with the number of bids we give out than with the quality of the candidates to whom we give them,” Coggins said. “We had a very strong rush this year, and obviously we’re very excited to add 23 new members to our brotherhood.”

Freshman Lee Weisberger said that, though the process had its negatives, he is happy to have gone through recruitment.

“It was actually a surprisingly fun experience,” he said. “Going into it, I didn’t know what to expect, but it was definitely very busy.”

Freshman Grant Jirka cited similar concerns, noting that the packed schedule of fraternity recruitment events made it hard to do much else.

“One thing that bothered me was that there were a lot of events going on at once,” said Jirka. “I tried to rush selective living groups at the start, but I found it too time-consuming and I wanted to focus more on frat rush. Luckily there wasn’t too much schoolwork in those two weeks.”

Despite his busy schedule, Jirka said he valued the new community he has found at Duke by joining a fraternity.

“I thought it was really fun, and I got to meet a lot of new people,” Jirka said. “Now that I’m joining Sigma Chi, it’s really nice to actually have another family at Duke. I have my Duke family and also my Sigma Chi family.”