The partially demolished lower levels of the Bryan Center have caused offices to relocate to different areas of the campus.

The major renovation of the middle level began in December as part of an effort to make the Bryan Center a more attractive space that encourages student collaboration. As a result of the remodeling, many student life resources, such as ATMs, vending machines and mailboxes, have been relocated, causing some initial confusion to students returning from winter break.

“The goal is to have all [the renovations] done by the summer for when students come back in the Fall,” said Steve Nowicki, dean and vice provost of undergraduate education.

Although the renovations will be going on throughout the majority of the Spring semester, the Office of Student Affairs is working to ensure that the construction does not obstruct student access to the Bryan Center’s facilities.

The ATMs have been moved to the area previously occupied by the pool tables, and the vending machines have been temporarily relocated but will be moved to the same location within two weeks time, said Chris Roby, director of University Center Activities and Events. He added that the mailboxes have been moved to the computer store’s former site on the lower level of the Bryan Center.

Other changes include the relocation of the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life and Graduate and Professional Student Council, which will both be moved to Central Campus. Staff at the Center for Multicultural Affairs will relocate to several offices around campus, according to a memo produced by the Office of Student Affairs. All relocations are temporary, with the exception of the mailboxes, ATM’s and GPSC.

The construction, begun over break, has caused some confusion among students returning to campus.

“I feel like I still don’t know what is going on. When I got back to school I didn’t know where my mailbox was and had to ask for help,” said junior Brandee Branche.

Senior Kelly Heo said she found the noise was disturbing to people eating and working in the area.

The Duke Student Government office has temporarily relocated to the space in the West Union Building formerly occupied by the Office of Student Conduct, DSG President Alex Swain, a senior, confirmed. After the renovation DSG will return to its office on the middle floor of the Bryan Center. DSG has worked with the architect to make the space better suit the needs of the organization, Swain added.

The move in offices has not been disruptive the DSG, said senior George Carotenuto, DSG vice president for facilities and the environment.

“I know that we will have a much better space once the renovations are completed and our office is still easily accessible to students,” he said.