Sophomore Ryan Bartoszek presents business-focused group Scale and Coin for DSG recognition Wednesday.
Sophomore Ryan Bartoszek presents business-focused group Scale and Coin for DSG recognition Wednesday.

Scale and Coin—a business-oriented organization with close ties to the recently dissolved Duke chapter of Alpha Kappa Psi business fraternity—is now a recognized student organization.

Scale and Coin members sophomores Ryan Bartoszek and Tony Chau and junior Dylan Gamret presented the new organization and sought formal recognition from Duke Student Government at Wednesday’s meeting. Following a recommendation from the Financial Oversight and Appeals Committee and an hour of deliberation, DSG voted to recognize Scale and Coin. The group hopes to be an all-encompassing business organization that will offer guidance and mentorship to those interested in business, Bartoszek said.

“Its goal is to expose all areas of business to people who don’t know what they want to do in business,” Bartoszek said. Much of the Senate’s deliberation regarding Scale and Coin’s status focused on its affiliation with AKPsi. The coed business fraternity was officially dissolved Oct. 16, when all but one of the 41 members resigned due to potential probation policies and additional fees imposed by the national organization. The national organization found the Duke chapter guilty of hazing and alcohol policies, such as using chapter funds to purchase alcohol, which is forbidden in the group’s bylaws.

Several members of DSG expressed concern that Scale and Coin might be a reincarnation of AKPsi, meaning the behaviors that led to the group’s removal would be continued.

Gamret said Scale and Coin will take “the best of AKPsi.”

“There will be absolutely no drinking at a Scale and Coin-sponsored event,” Gamret added.

All founding members of Scale and Coin were members of AKPsi, though the group plans to attract all Duke students, Gamret said.

Both the current president and executive vice president of Scale and Coin—senior David Martorana and junior Rebecca Li, respectively—were in AKPsi during the time that the chapter faced investigation. But Bartoszek said Martorama is the best man for the job.

“Martorama is president because he knows the most about the organization and is the best to get it started,” Bartoszek said.

Bartoszek, Chau and Gamret initially described Martorama’s role as solely teaching business practices and advising the group. But the group’s formal proposal named him president.

Sophomore Jacob Zionce, vice president of residential life, raised concerns regarding the structure of the group’s leadership.

“The group has merit, and the point of the group has merit,” said Zionce, who was involved with AKPsi’s removal from campus. “The problem was the presentation. The misinformation about leadership led me to believe that there should be different leadership for Scale and Coin.”

Freshman senator Kimmy Farmer said there is a “obvious” need for a group like Scale and Coin on campus.

“Students shouldn’t be held back by past affiliations to move forward with academic endeavors,” she said

The Senate approved Scale and Coin with 32 votes in favor, 17 against and four abstentions.

In other business

The Senate approved the CAPS Advisory Committee, which aims to bridge the gap between Counseling and Psychological Services and the student body. The committee’s goals include streamlining student aid, raising awareness and removing a negative stigma associated with people who utilize CAPS.

“The stigma with CAPS is misplaced,” said Senator for Equity and Outreach Adesuwa Giwa-Osagie, a sophomore who will head the committee. “The stigma is about vulnerability. CAPSAC will work with CAPS to see that this wrongful stigma of seeking help and feeling vulnerable is reduced.”

The Senate also approved a 2013 tenting policy for Krzyzewskiville, proposed by senior line monitors Bradley Baird and Jackson Lindsey. Students will be allowed to get out of line for severe weather—including snow, temperatures below 25 degrees and lightning.

For black tenting, which will start at 11 p.m. Jan. 9 and will last a week, no purchased tents will be allowed due to the short tenting period. Blue tenting, which will begin Jan. 16, will be capped at 60 tents, and white tenting will last from Jan. 30 to Feb. 8.