updated 9:50 p.m. Monday

DukeALERT warned students of an attempted burglary by a man on Central Campus Monday night.

An email alert said the suspect had been wandering around Central, knocking on doors and opening unlocked doors. When asked, the man says he is looking for "Steve." He is described as a black male in his 40s, about six feet tall, wearing a dark sweat suit with green and red design around the collar.

The man is now being investigated for attempted burglary, said John Dailey, chief of the Duke University Police Department. The charge was based on his illegal entry of two residences, one along Alexander Avenue and the other on Anderson Street. It is unclear whether he tried to steal any personal property.

Dailey said he could not be more specific because he was concerned for the victims' safety.

He added that there are two security officers on Central every night. There were additional officers dispatched Monday night after calls to DUPD about the suspect.

"People really need to keep their doors locked," Dailey said.