Arts Exhibition

The 2012 Duke Arts Exhibition, currently on display in the Bryan Center through November 4, showcases over 200 works by Duke undergraduate students of all majors. The unique setup features everything from poems and pictures to paintings and sculptures. Anyone walking through the BC is able to explore the exhibition, which in some areas literally surrounds the viewer. The DUU Visual Arts Committee, in conjunction with Arts Faculty and Staff, selected the pieces for the general display. Students submitted pictures of their artwork online, and the approved pieces were exhibited and sorted by theme and/or medium, said DUU Visual Arts Committee Chair Sharon Chan. “We hung intensively for 12 straight hours.” This year, there is also a small setup of pieces contributed by 10 graduate students earning their MFAs in Experimental & Documentary Arts. The MFA alcove is complete with headsets and televisions that allows viewers to watch the videos. At the end of the festival, certain pieces will be chosen for awards and recognition; those pieces will then replace the MFA display, and “we’ll have a ‘Best of The Arts Festival Show’ afterward for two weeks,” said Chan. The Arts Exhibition is considered the centerpiece of the ongoing Duke Arts Festival.

Salon: An evening of Poetry with the Archive

Tonight from 6:30-9:30, Duke’s oldest literary magazine, The Archive, will be hosting its second Salon: An Evening of Poetry with The Archive event. In von der Hayden Pavilion, professional faculty, graduate students and undergraduate students will read their original poetry; in between readings, student musicians will perform prepared solos. In addition, hors d’oeuvres, pastries and drinks will be served. “We just want to show that there is in fact a very strong and coherent literary community,” said Tong Xiang, co-editor-in-chief of The Archive. “Everyone should come out. Great catering. Great beer. It’s going to be an awesome event.” By showcasing the on-campus literary and musical talent, the evening will bring together different types of artistic talent and unite them with an interested audience. “It’s always nice when you have a beautiful venue and beautiful art accompanied with, hopefully, beautiful music,” said performing cellist Lucas Spangher. The evening also will mark the release of the latest copy of The Archive.