Hello, friends. My name is Jeremy C. I am a sophomore amidst a leave-of-absence. I am back, visiting school this week. You may have seen me around campus, shivering near building entrances, waiting to be swiped in by a passer-by.

That's because my DukeCard has been completely frozen: no flex, no dining, no vending, no access to campus buildings. I wasn't even able to get into Wilson Recreation Center for a workout today.

I spoke with a man at the DukeCard office, who, after typing in my Social Security number and clicking around a bit, slowly shook his head and said, still looking at the computer screen, "Nope, your account has been suspended." Suspended? Did I get one too many speeding tickets? Other than my web-based, automated ACES account, there is essentially no evidence around here that I still exist, which, I think, is a bit ridiculous.

I would rather take the positive approach than the bitter approach. I hope that in the near future temporarily absent students like myself (a.k.a. those not currently paying tuition and housing fees) can be recognized as part of the Duke community during short visits.

Next stop: Allen Building. If I can get in.