It's fair to say Marvin Bagley III probably doesn't like being called selfish. 

During Monday night's loss at Virginia Tech, ESPN color commentator Dan Dakich had some sharp words for Duke's star freshman, criticizing the big man's play after one of his layups was blocked. Tuesday, Bagley seemingly lashed back against Dakich on Twitter.  

Bagley sat out four games after suffering a knee sprain against North Carolina Feb. 8, and the once-struggling No. 5 Blue Devils rolled off four straight wins in his absence. That somehow gave Dakich enough evidence to sound off on Bagley.

“Bagley is all about Bagley. Honest to goodness, I can see in 18 minutes why Duke was able to go on a run when he was hurt. You hate to say that about a kid, but he is about himself. He gets the ball. It doesn’t come out. He doesn’t play defense. He’s a terrific talent, don’t get me wrong. But you could see real clear, real fast — and I’ll take all the shots that people want to give me — but you can see that he is about him.”

Quickly, many on social media didn't take kindly to Dakich's comments: 

In January, Dakich tweeted that Michigan State star Miles Bridges has "no game," but it's hard to say the former guard had much game himself. At Indiana from 1981-1985, Dakich averaged just 3.6 points in 13.2 minutes per game throughout his Hoosiers' career, which included a sophomore season when he posted only 1.6 points per game on 6.0 minutes a night at age 20—two years older than Bagley is now.

Dakich said he'll take all the shots people want to send his way. He might want to keep an eye on his own Twitter mentions.