Despite battling cancer off and on for nearly 15 years, Bobby was able to enjoy many things.  But without question, the highlight of his short life was his time at Duke.

From the second he arrived on campus during Blue Devil Days, he sucked all he could out of his time at Duke.  He made some of the very best friends of his life before he even stepped foot into a classroom during PWAVES and in GA.  His friendships mushroomed when he joined PIKE, and his love for Duke did, too.   He was exhilarated by his classes and professors, inspired during Jazz Band, and energized by his classmates and friends.  

Thank you for embracing Bobby into the beautiful Duke family.  He passed away wrapped in his Duke blanket, and although he is no longer with us, Bobby will always be a Blue Devil. 

Liz Menges is the mother of junior Bobby Menges, who passed away early Friday morning.