The Chronicle had several students sample the new food options available at Richard H. Brodhead Center for Campus Life, formerly known as West Union, this year. The new items include a sushi burrito from Gyotaku, Parma Rosa pasta from Il Forno and jjajang from Ginger and Soy. 

Sophomores Ian Levitan and Ana Belac and junior Anna Merryman thought the Parma Rosa looked like soup, but they liked it best. The sushi burrito, however—they found it overpriced and just plain weird. 

Sushi burrito

Gyotaku added five new sushi burritos to their menu this year, all named after iconic buildings on Duke’s campus. The burrito sampled for this story was called the 'Chapel', priced at $11.50. It includes spicy tuna, crab salad, lettuce, cucumber, asparagus, avocado, tobiko—orange fish roe—and gochujang vinaigrette, a red chili dressing. Gyotaku also offers, 'Cameron,' 'Baldwin,' 'Nasher,' and 'Levine,' as other sushi burrito options.

The Chronicle: What do you think of it? How does it look and taste? 

Ana Belac: It’s like a weird combo. But then it tastes like Mexican food. It’s not bad, it’s just different. 

Ian Levitan: It fell apart in my hand. I personally don’t find the look appealing.

Anna Merryman: I liked the colorful look, and it’s also neatly wrapped at least. I’m not really sure what the advantage of getting this over the sushi roll would be because the sushi roll you can at least eat with a spoon. 

TC: What do you think of the price? 

AB: Too much. 

IL: I think it tastes okay but not for $11. 

AM: I think the price is definitely a little bit too much. I would not spend $11 on that. 

TC: Is this an item you would get frequently? 

AB: I don’t think so. It’s pricey, and I think it’s a big portion for one person. I think maybe selling one piece on the side would be better since it’s a lot of food. 

IL: I would much rather get a sushi roll over a burrito any day. 

Parma Rosa

Joyce Er

Il Forno’s new pasta dish, the Parma Rosa contains grilled chicken, Parma Rosa—red and white— sauce, fettuccine, onions, peppers, spinach and Romano cheese. It costs $6.75 for a small portion and $8.75 for a regular-size dish. 

TC: What’s your initial reaction? How does it look, how does it taste? 

AB: It looks fine—it’s pasta. I don’t know what’s in it, but it tastes good. 

IL: It looked like soup—that was my initial reaction. But it tastes a lot better than it looks. 

AM: It looks really watery. I would say that it even tastes a little bit watery. Overall, it was pretty good. I liked the spinach and the vegetables that were in it—they gave a little bit more texture. I feel like it could also use more salt. 

TC: What do you think of the price? 

AB: It’s okay for the pasta—it’s not overpriced. 

IL: I think it’s okay. It’s reasonable compared to other places. 

AM: I think the price is definitely reasonable.

TC: Is this an item you would get frequently? 

AB: It’s definitely an item I would get often because I eat pasta almost every day, and it tastes good. 

IL: I think so, yeah. 

AM: I personally don’t eat a lot of pasta, so I probably wouldn’t get it that often. 


Ginger and Soy’s new offering is a Korean noodle dish, which includes black bean paste, pork and onions. It is priced at $8.95. 

TC: What’s your initial reaction? 

IL: Yeah, I don’t like it. It tastes okay, but I don’t want it to have that same taste for the whole bowl. I wouldn’t like to eat the whole thing of that—I feel like I’d get sick or something. The color is gross. 

AM: At first glance, it doesn’t look very appealing since it’s kind of all one color. I got like a bone or cartilage, which was not a great experience. Overall, it’s not bad. You can’t really see what’s actually in it. 

TC: What do you think of the price? 

IL: That’s expensive. I would always choose Il Forno over that for the same price. 

AM: I feel like that’s okay if it’s really good, but I’m not sure it’s worth the $8.95. 

TC: Is this an item you would get frequently? 

AM: I don’t mind eating it, but I probably wouldn’t get it again. 

IL: Maybe if it were a smaller portion, I would do it.