Classes aren’t the only thing starting on campus on Monday—the full transit service for Fall semester also gets rolling on August 28.

The primary changes for the upcoming semester include expanded service during the week by the SWX bus, a weekday route connecting 300 Swift to West Campus, and evening service for the C3 bus, which connects East Campus and Science Drive. Parking and Transportation Services also purchased two new buses and added grab handles on some buses.

“We’ve worked closely with student leadership groups during the summer to identify several ways to better service transportation needs this semester,” wrote Alison Carpenter, transit planner and transportation demand manager for PTS, in an email. “We will continue to closely monitor ridership and campus activities and will make modifications to address needs as they arise.”

The SWX bus will now be providing weekday service from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. and from 6 p.m. to 12 a.m., stopping at the 300 Swift apartment complex about every 15 minutes.

Junior Kristina Smith, Duke Student Government’s vice president for services and sustainability, said she is excited about PTS’s decision to expand bus service on Swift Avenue. Smith said she is residing in the 300 Swift apartments this upcoming year and lauded PTS for handling the “tricky situation” to accommodate students residing in the University’s newly purchased apartment complex.

“I think they are doing everything they can to really adapt to this new purchase and the needs of the students who are going to be living here,” she said.

Smith explained that DSG did not play a role in the introduction of this service expansion, but that their influence will be greater after the start of the Fall transit service.

“[The bus service to Swift Avenue] is something that DSG is very aware of and is excited to see how students react to it and see how well it works,” Smith said. “But it’s something that we’re definitely going to have to evaluate as the year goes on and be vigilant about offering feedback to PTS about.”

She noted that students who want to provide feedback or have concerns about transit services can utilize the Fix My Campus Facebook page or reach out directly to any member of DSG. Smith said that her committee will be having regular meetings with PTS to establish a relationship and ensure that student input is considered.

In addition to the expanded service for Swift Avenue, PTS also adjusted service to accommodate “heavy traffic” on Science Drive. The C3 bus will now run between the East Campus Quad and the Science Drive Circle four times from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. on weeknights.

PTS also introduced two new buses to its transit resources—including a high-capacity articulated bus for the busy C1's East to West route—and made busy buses more friendly for people of short stature by adding grab handles to the grab bars on the three articulated buses.

Additionally, PTS added a stop at Duke University Road and Chapel Drive to the C3 bus’s evening service. The new stop is designed for students and faculty returning to the Duke University Road Lots, Carpenter explained.

The LaSalle Loop will see increased coverage this year, including service every 15 minutes during peak periods. The Uber pilot program is also being expanded to provide transportation to the Lemur Center, Campus Farm and five off-campus volunteer sites that were identified as “prime volunteer sites for students” by the Duke Partnership for Service, according to Carpenter. 

Smith explained that PTS is always evolving, so there are lots of little projects that can be done to ensure PTS is providing quality service to students. She said that one of her priorities going forward is to expand airport shuttle service to accommodate students who return from holiday break early.   

“One of the cool things about PTS is that because it is always evolving, there are always things that come up that DSG can offer feedback on to help PTS,” she said.