Several Craven dorms were robbed during Winter Break. 

Unidentified robbers broke into five Craven dorms, all of which belonged to the Sigma Chi fraternity section. Nine students were affected by the robberies, wrote Larry Moneta, vice president for student affairs, in an email. Housing, Dining and Residence Life emailed the affected students in December, and no DukeAlert was released about the incidents.

Parents on the Facebook “Group for Duke University Parents and Families” expressed an interest in security cameras outside of dorm entrances and exits. Moneta wrote that the administration was considering that option, but noted it would not have been necessarily helpful in this situation.

The trespassers “somehow bypassed a door that was supposed to be secured and armed," he wrote. According to the comments on Facebook, the locks on individual dorm room doors were broken, suggesting that a tool such as a crowbar was used.

Moneta also wrote that once the Duke University Police Department concludes their investigation, the administration will consider if any additional precautions are necessary. He added that the clear extent of what was stolen would not be clear until the students returned on campus and could check.

One option for students is renters’ insurance, which could cover the stolen or damaged possessions. According to Student Affairs, renters insurance could cost between $15 and $20 a month.

“Odds are that you won’t need it, but it is fairly low in cost and should you need it at any point during your stay, it would likely pay for itself,” the website noted.