Former President Bill Clinton visited Durham Tuesday to discuss broadening the opportunities available to residents of North Carolina and across the country.

The husband of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton spoke at the Community Family Life and Recreation Center as part of a campaign stop for Hillary. Clinton explained how Hillary’s policies could benefit both students and small business owners, citing examples within the Durham community as support for Hillary’s ideas. More than 720 people attended the event, said Jim Groves, the Durham County Fire Marshall. The event began with an introduction from Congressman G.K. Butterfield, a Democrat from Wilson, North Carolina, who outlined changes in North Carolina voting laws as demanded by a recent Supreme Court ruling.

“The U.S. Supreme Court recently ruled that North Carolina cannot require identification for people to vote,” he said. “All North Carolinians must exercise their right to vote in record numbers in this election and elect Democrats from the White House to the court house.”

Clinton explained the history behind the Community Family Life and Recreation Center, which began as an after-school center housed in an empty school building. The work done to establish the recreation center, he said, exemplifies his wife’s goals as president.

“The story of this community center is what works,” he said. “Wherever in this world people are working together to see something good happen, good things are happening. Wherever in the world people think all that matters is their differences—their racial differences, their gender differences, their religious differences, their sexual orientation—some people may win a few elections, but good things don’t happen. North Carolina at its best represents the future of America, and I hope the entire world by embracing your diversity.”

During the event, Clinton also outlined new proposals to reduce student debt burden, changes which he said were introduced during a joint meeting between Hillary Clinton and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders after the Democratic National Convention.

Under the new proposals, Clinton said, students dependent on incomes of less than $125,000 would be offered free tuition—at public universities and several private universities, including historically black colleges—as well as reasonable tuition rates and high graduation rates.

For students with pre-existing debt, Clinton added, reasonable loans could be paid off within three years of community service. For excessive debts totaling more than $100,000, refinancing in a manner similar to home mortgages would be an option.

“Why can you get a 20 or 30 year home mortgage at a relatively low interest rate?” he asked the audience. “Because it’s a lifetime asset. And if it’s a lifetime asset with lifetime value, you really pay for it in a lifetime.”

According to the RealClearPolitics poll average, Hillary Clinton leads Trump in North Carolina by a close to 1.2 points, swapping places several times this election cycle. In 2008, North Carolina voted for President Barack Obama, contributing to his decisive win.

North Carolina’s role in this election is no less important, Clinton noted at the end of his speech.

“We have got to make the right decision,” Clinton said. “We are are stronger together, and Hillary needs you and you and every person in North Carolina to make it happen.”

Jaime Gordon contributed reporting.