First-Year Dining

East Union, which includes Marketplace and Trinity Café, recently underwent intensive renovations—and no one is luckier than this year’s incoming class.

Featuring an all-you-care-to-eat breakfast, dinner, and weekend brunch a-la-carte weekday lunch and late night dining—Marketplace offers everything needed for the ultimate freshman dining experience. Options include hot and cold breakfast items, made-to-order pasta, rotisserie meats, gourmet pizzas, ethnic cuisine, a full grill menu and an expansive salad bar. Plus, you’re guaranteed to always find a friend.

Trinity Café has become transformed into a downstairs coffee bar and lounge, similar to Von der Heyden Pavilion on West Campus.


*All-you-care-to-eat breakfast, dinner, and weekend brunch + a-la-carte weekday lunch

Wood-fired: Pizza, calzones, & Stromboli cooked in the brick wood-fired pizza oven

Pop-up: Offers a different daily offering

Penne: Deli-style venue for lunch and made-to-order stir-fry for dinner

Harvest: House-made vegetarian and vegan menu items

Stix & Steam: Asian buns, dumplings, & stir-fry

Durham Market: The South’s carved meats, comfort foods and down-home, southern-style cooking

1892 Grille: Grilled favorites including hot dogs, hamburgers, & philly cheese steaks

Leaf & Ladle: Gourmet soup and salad bar as well as a green herb wall

Baker’s Table: Daily dessert selections 

Marketplace Hacks

  1. Go crazy at the frozen yogurt station—make a froyo cookie sandwich or add a scoop of it to your favorite slice of cake.
  2. Everything can be made into a sandwich, and a variety of breads and other staples such as peanut butter and jelly are always available. Go all out with veggies and hummus, or treat yourself to a PB & banana.
  3. Breakfast doesn’t have to be boring. Create your own yogurt parfait by layering yogurt, fruit and granola.
  4. Make your own pizza bagels. Toast the bagels, and then ask for sauce and cheese from the pasta station.
  5. Make the waffle press your new best friend. Transform an ordinary waffle into a savory egg and sausage sandwich.
  6. Take trail mix to go. Grab a to-go coffee cup and a handful (or two) of cereal and mix it with items such as raisins or goldfish from the salad station.
  7. Add taco bar toppings to your salad. It’s like a healthy fiesta.
  8. Need a heartier soup? Add chicken or sausage from the grill and then top with soft, freshly baked bread croutons.

5 Tips for Healthy Eating

  1. Stack on the veggies at the salad bar, and look out for creamy dressings.
  2. Occasionally swap your real burger for a veggie burger or chicken.
  3. Take advantage of the fresh fruit at the salad bar.
  4. Try sweet-potato fries instead of regular fries—they’re even more delicious.
  5. Aim for a BALANCED meal —one that includes carbs, protein and healthy fats.

What’s Equivalency?

Equivalency is food points that a first-year student gets through a missed weekday breakfast or dinner swipe at Marketplace. If a student misses a weekday breakfast, a $4.25 meal equivalency can be applied on the same day with a made-to-order breakfast at Penn Pavilion on West Campus or toward an a la carte lunch selection in Marketplace. If a student misses a weekday dinner, an $8.25 meal equivalency can be applied during the same week to food at Trinity Café.

Hungry for more? Check out the Duke Eats page for more information on dining on-campus and in Durham.