Class Decider

Passionate about the environment?

ENVIRON 89S - 01: First-Year Seminar—Climate Change

GSF 366 - 01: Nature, Culture, and Gender

PUBPOL 275.01: US Environmental Policy

Passionate about fashion?

ARTSVIS 233S: Costume Design

LIT 302 - 01: Hashtags Memes, Digital Tribes

AMI 253 - 01: Indian Cinema

Passionate about food?

ENVIRON 89S - 02: First-Year Seminar—Food Prod: What Are We Eating?

DOCST 341S: Politics of Food

BIOLOGY 228: Food and Fuel for a Growing Population

Passionate about activism?

ICS 351S - 01: Racial Justice in the 20th Century US and South Africa

POLSCI 331: Prisoner’s Dilemma and Distributive Justice

Passionate about Netflix?

AMI 201 - 01: Introduction to Film Studies

DOCST 288S-01: Editing for Film and Video

I&E 290-2: Arts, Theater and Film Arts Entrepreneurship and Social Policy

Passionate about politics?

POLSCI 116D: American Political Systems

PUBPOL 155D - 001: Introduction to Policy Analysis

PJMS 290S - 10: Special Topics in Policy Journalism & Media Studies—Watchdog Reporting in Politics

Passionate about Sports?

PHYSEDU 225: Sports Leadership

HISTORY 231: Ancient Athletics

THEATRST 242: Improvisation

Passionate about traveling?

SPANISH 490S - 01: Spanish Literature—Travel Spain & Americas

DOCST 227S - 01: Sociology through Photography

AMES 227 - 01: The Modern Middle East

Passionate about music?

NEUROSCI 288S-01: Music as Biology

MUSIC 145: Hip Hop/Rap Appreciation

CULANTH 137: Music, Social Life, and Scenes

Passionate about the stock market?

ECON 101D - 001: Economic Principles

PUBPOL 257S - 01: Shakespeare & Financial Markets: Why This Time is Never Different

ARTHIST 231 - 01: History of Art Markets