While construction continues on high-profile, long-term campus projects such as Perkins Library and the West Union, a number of smaller projects were completed over the summer.

Much of the summer's work dealt with Duke's roads, including repaving Campus Drive and reshaping the Chapel Drive Circle. On East Campus, crews widened the entrance to Brodie Gym—allowing two vehicles to pass at once—in addition to repairing a sinkhole in the Brown Parking Lot.

The Campus Drive project was the last step of a years-long effort to install pipes that will bring chilled water to East Campus and eventually allow for air conditioning in more buildings. Crews began the project in 2012 and have been working during the Winter and Summer breaks that have followed—periods that have lower traffic and allow for the road to be shut down more easily.

Crews finished installing the pipes this summer and did a complete repaving of the road.

In addition to the projects completed over the summer, several other ventures are supposed to wrap up in the coming months.

The waterproofing of Rubenstein Library's foundation began this summer and will be completed by the end of September. The project required closing a section of Chapel Drive going from the West Campus Bus Stop to the Chapel steps. Work took a brief hiatus last week to allow for easy navigation during Convocation and student move-in but is set to continue and be finished in the coming weeks.

During the last two weeks of August, the Rubenstein Library experienced the removal and replacement of windows and roof tiles, the installation of mechanical ductwork, and the continuation of interior wall framing. A brief electrical shutdown in both Perkins and Bostock libraries allowed for the installation of new equipment in the Rubenstein Library's main electrical room. Crews have also worked on exterior stone repair and restoration.

Meanwhile, the first floor of Bostock Library remains closed for its transformation into the new Research Commons, recently renamed "The Edge." The space is anticipated to be accessible this winter and will officially open in January 2015.

Somewhat similar to the Link, the new research area is designed to provide a space for researchers and project teams to collaborate and experiment with interdisciplinary learning.

In a Duke Libraries blog post, Aaron Wellborn—the libraries' director of communications—described the new name as multi-facted. The word “edge” suggests standing on the brink of something, he wrote. The name "The Edge" also comes with the subtle hint of gaining an advantage.