The Duke Marine Lab in Beaufort closed Thursday at noon due to the impending threat of Hurricane Arthur.

Beaufort is under a hurricane watch until Friday afternoon, with Arthur predicted to be a category 2 storm when it passes the area, according to the National Hurricane Center. Although the storm will likely not affect Durham or other parts of central North Carolina, Beaufort and other coastal areas can expect heavy rains, strong winds, flooding and possible tornadoes.

A Duke News release noted that Marine Lab administration will survey the campus as soon as it is safe to do so and will arrange for any necessary repairs.

Because of the July 4th holiday, there are not many students or staff at the Marine Lab, the release said.

“Summer Term II students don’t arrive until Sunday and Friday is a holiday, so the storm is passing through during a period where we won’t have people on campus,” Rebecca Smith, administrative assistant to Marine Lab director Cindy Van Dover, said in the release.

Participants in the Marine Lab branch of the Duke Talent Identification Program were bused to Durham Thursday morning, the release noted.