Brad Rubin, a first-year Pratt graduate student, runs the mobile app “Stylehand,” an app designed to help young professionals and color blind men avoid fashion mishaps. He was spotted at the DUHatch showcase Wednesday and talked with The Chronicle's Kirby Wilson about the app and entrepreneur resources available at Duke.

The Chronicle: What do you hope to accomplish with your app? What is the end game?

Brad Ruben: I want it to be the go-to app for people to use when getting ready in the morning. I want people to use it and know that they look good...and walk out the door confident to rock the day. I also want to help people shop for clothes and make that whole experience easier and less stressful.

TC: How did you get connected with DUHatch?

BR: When I came to Duke, I was interested in entrepreneurship, and I knew that DUHatch was the entrepreneurship center, at least for the engineering school, so I came here the first week of school and got involved.

TC: How has your experience been with DUHatch?

BR: It’s been great. They’ve been paired me with different coaches on call, different entrepreneurs and lawyers to give me advice. They’ve also hooked me up with some of my team members [and] they have given me space. They have been really helpful.

TC: What did you hope to accomplish with today’s presentation?

BR: I just wanted to let people know about it. I wanted to see if there was anybody in the audience who wants to connect with me. I want to generate awareness—get more beta testers, get more feedback on the app.

TC: Have you gotten a lot of feedback about the app? How many users does it have?

BR: It has about 20 users right now. It has gotten some good feedback that has been really helpful. One of my friends used to dress up in all black because he thought he was so serious.... He started using the app and he noticed that his outfits were dark and bad so he started dressing with more color.