A Mebane resident was arrested Wednesday in connection with an off-campus robbery and subsequent police chase that led the suspect to crash his vehicle in the intersection between Anderson Street and Campus Drive March 5.

The suspect, named Derrick Lamont Shuler, 35 years old, was apprehended last week and is currently retained in the Durham County Jail without bond. Shuler has been connected with several robberies since his run-in at the Durham BP Station and was charged with robbery with a dangerous weapon and assault by pointing a gun.

Shuler has a history of criminal offenses, facing his first conviction in 1997 and having been charged with a range of offenses, including second degree trespassing and assault on an officer or store employee.

The suspect came to the University's attention after his vehicle crashed on campus following a police chase. Shuler was then seen running from his car in the opposite direction of Central Campus, emergency coordinator Kyle Cavanaugh said previously to The Chronicle. A Duke Alert was sent out to notify the community of the incident.