After meeting with all three candidates, the Interfraternity Council is pleased to announce its endorsement of Will Giles for the upcoming DSG presidential election.

The Interfraternity Council recognizes that DSG’s greatest weakness is a culture that promotes argument, cronyism and inaction amongst our representatives. For recognition, funding or to make a petition, the DSG forces organizations to navigate a ruthless bureaucracy, restricting any hope for growth or reform on Duke’s campus for any organization, small or large.

The IFC believes that Will Giles—an outside, reformist candidate—will fundamentally alter the culture of DSG to serve Duke’s campus in the most efficient and fair manner possible. With his unique experience as a member of the DSG Judiciary and not as a senator, Giles’ platform and motivation for a “new DSG” will far outweigh the small successes championed by DSG insider presidential candidates.

Giles supports a democratic, self-allocating funding model for Duke’s clubs and councils. We believe he is the best candidate to implement The 40 Percent Plan, should it pass, or to pass a new allocation plan should it fail. He also will reform the Senate by banning DSG executive members and vice presidents from voting on DSG policy, something that will ensure better representation of the diverse viewpoints of the members of the DSG by removing the ability of leaders to intimidate senators’ votes. Lastly, Giles promises to end the DSG process in which vice presidents appoint senators, who consequently have loyalty to no constituents but rather the vice presidents themselves. We hope ending the appointment process results in greater diversity of thought and experience among our governing body, hopefully in such a way as to better represent the approximately 6,500 undergraduates at Duke.

We wish Will Giles the best of luck on Tuesday, March 4, and we encourage all Duke students—not just the members of the IFC—to vote YES for Will Giles as DSG’s new president.

EJ Baldridge, Trinity ’15
President, Interfraternity Council