The Seattle Seahawks won this year's NFL Super Bowl in East Rutherford, New Jersey against the Denver Broncos 43-8. As people gathered all over the country and across campus to watch the 48th Super Bowl, The Chronicle's Tierney Marey spoke with students about the big game.

“Egh. I don’t do football.”

—freshman Julia Schwartz

“It’s the quintessential American football experience.”

—freshman Krista Kowalczyk

“I watch the Superbowl to pretend I am American.”

—sophomore Shannon Moyer

“I kinda like to be in a quiet place where I can actually watch the game…but actually watching it with all these people is cool.”

—freshman Jake Kite

“I just wanted to see a good game. I wish it were closer.”

—senior Kevin Chiou

“The Seahawks are killing it and I’m loving it.”

—sophomore Daniel Strellman

“It wasn’t as fun as yesterday’s basketball game.”

—freshman Sharon Fang

“I always watch it, every year. It looks like it is going to be a blowout.”

—sophomore Jeremy Lee

“I watch it more as a cultural thing than a football thing.”

—sophomore Nathan Hsieh

“Every time the Broncos get the ball they pause…it’s killing me.”

—sophomore Teddi Maslowski

“I accidently wore a Broncos colored t-shirt, but I’m going for the Seahawks.”

—senior Drew Rotolo

“It is usually very riveting, no matter who is playing. You get the community feeling, everyone is into it.”

—freshman Luis Martinez-Moure

“It’s tradition, I play football and always dreamed of playing in the Super Bowl.”

—junior Marcus Aprahamian

“Superbowl commercials are the best.”

—sophomore Lauren Alef

“My best friend’s brother is in the Pepsi commercial.”

—freshman Miguel Anderson

“I want to see Peyton Manning work his magic.”

—senior Chris Sheils

“I really wanted the Broncos to win so that’s depressing, but Bruno Mars killed it!”

—freshman Allie Kenny

“I’m from Denver so I am a little bit heartbroken right now, a piece of me died.”

—sophomore Michael Mann

“I just don’t think the Broncos were ready for the Seahawks. They weren’t prepared at all.”

—freshman Chris White