Today, The Chronicle is excited to announce the launch of our newest online feature: the Chronfessional. Brought to you by The Chronicle’s Opinion Pages, this anonymous comment board will feature new weekly topics every Friday, allowing students an opportunity to voice their opinion about the issues that matter to them the most.

It is only appropriate that, on February 14, our launch topic be “Valentine’s Day.” Do you want to weigh in on the much-hyped “hook-up culture’ at Duke? Need a place to send an anonymous love note to that secret someone? Perhaps you just want a chance to let us all know why Valentine’s Day isn’t really that romantic at all. All of that is fair game in the Chronfessional.

It is our hope that the Chronfessional becomes a place where students can speak their mind without judgment—a place that can spark dialogue about the topics we all care about, but might just be too afraid to speak up about. We want this to be the voice of the Duke community, and we want you to help us. Visit the Opinion section of The Chronicle’s website today to see what your neighbors have to say and add your own two cents. You don’t need a name, you don’t need an account—you just need a voice.

Scott Briggs, Trinity ’14, Editorial Page Editor

Mousa Alshanteer, Trinity ’16, Editorial Page Managing Editor

Michelle Menchaca, Trinity ’16, Editorial Page Online Editor