Four candidates announced the beginning of their campaigns for president of Duke Student Government—sophomore Lavanya Sunder and juniors Nikolai Doytchinov, Rence Nemeh and Will Giles.

The election, which is scheduled for March 4, will also include voting for the Executive Vice President and the Student Organization Funding Committee Chair. Additionally, the 40 Percent Plan will be put to vote on the ballot.

Sophomore Abhi Sanka, current senator for residential life, is running unopposed for EVP. Sophomore Davis Treybig, current DSG treasurer, is the lone candidate for SOFC Chair.

Sunder is the current vice president for services. Doytchinov is the current executive vice president. Nemeh currently has no affiliation with DSG. Giles is currently an associate justice for the DSG judiciary.

In order to be added to the ballot, each candidate had to acquire 100 signatures on a petition, noted sophomore Syed Adil, DSG attorney general.

“This was actually the first time ever that electronic signatures were used to sign petitions, so it's an exciting time, ” Adil wrote in an email Monday.

He added that all candidates are encouraged to begin campaigning at 12:01 a.m. Tuesday.

“All candidates could have technically begun campaigning whenever they wanted after considering last year's ruling by the Judiciary that DSG cannot enforce strict campaign timelines,” Adil wrote.