In the view of Duke Democrats, the position of Young Trustee is much more than a seat filled by a person who happens to be under the age of 30. As one of the largest and most active political groups on campus, Duke Democrats endorses the Young Trustee candidate who is most adept in current political issues affecting the University, most committed to safeguarding the interests of student voters and most willing to stay up-to-date on the ever-changing needs of our diverse student body.

For these reasons, Duke Democrats has chosen to endorse Jacob Tobia for the position of Young Trustee.

Jacob Tobia’s campaign for gender-neutral housing and the DukeOpen campaign are perhaps the most visible of his successes, but much of Tobia’s most important work has occurred behind the scenes. From meeting with current Board members to bring gender-neutral housing options to East Campus, to helping organize the nationally recognized Duke campaign against Amendment One in 2012, Tobia has the proven experience and forward-thinking mentality required to serve as Young Trustee.

Tobia shows a long-term commitment to increase the number of student voices heard by the Board. Tobia’s successful push for endowment transparency last semester underlines his commitment to have student groups interact directly with current trustees through occasional town-hall style meetings. Tobia has the unique ability to see on-campus changes through the eyes of a future Duke student and college-aged voter. He acknowledged the importance of policies that will keep students informed on matters concerning elections, such as what is required to vote in North Carolina and where voting will take place.

Finally, his commitment to the issue of increased socioeconomic diversity and his vocal support for undocumented Duke students makes Tobia a candidate who will support students of every background and advance Duke’s position as an innovative liberal arts institution. He applauds the institution’s “need blind” admissions process and is committed to finding other feasible ways to increase socioeconomic diversity on campus.

Jordan DeLoatch, Trinity ’15
President, Duke Democrats