After meeting with the candidates for Duke Student Government president, Blue Devils United is excited to endorse Lavanya Sunder.

As the only candidate with experience on DSG Senate, Sunder has demonstrated her ability to implement necessary changes. Sunder’s time as vice president of services has showcased her impressive proficiency in listening to and assertively addressing the developing needs of the student body. We highlight Sunder’s management of the Fix My Campus Facebook page as a perfect example of her dedicated service to the Duke population.

We are thrilled with Sunder’s equity and outreach platform that proposes the innovative policy of instituting LGBTQ ally trainings for resident assistants. This, along with her passionate support for BDU’s work with the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, has assured us that Sunder is committed to the advancing the distinct requests of Duke’s queer community.

We would also like to indicate that we trust that a Rence Nemeh presidency would benefit the Duke community. Specifically, we were interested in his plans to increase governmental transparency via a digital interface.

BDU also met with unopposed executive vice president candidate, Abhi Sanka. We enthusiastically support Sanka’s candidacy and are ecstatic that an outspoken ally of the LGBTQ community will be holding that office for the next year.

Finally, after hearing from representatives in favor of and against The 40 Percent Plan, BDU is fervently against the Plan. If the Plan passes, our organization will greatly suffer given our small membership yet extensive funding needs. Additionally, although we are confident that BDU will be classified as “historically marginalized,” we are very worried that some of our organizational counterparts may fall victim to poorly executed enforcement of proposed protections.

We trust the allegiance of our constituents, but we worry that this change will place unwarranted pressure on members of Duke’s LGBTQ and ally community, who hold involvements in many pockets of Duke. Overall, the Plan would broaden the institutional dynamics that already oppress minority populations.

Daniel Kort, Trinity 16
President, Blue Devils United