The Chronicle will be running endorsement letters for the 2014 Young Trustee election beginning Monday, Feb. 3 and ending Wednesday, Feb. 5. We will accept letters from any and all student organizations until 6 p.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 4, so long as the groups adhere to the following guidelines:

Organizations must meet with all three candidates: seniors Neil Kondamuri, Jacob Tobia and Katherine Zhang. Organizations may not endorse if they do not meet with the candidates or must note that candidates declined the opportunity to be endorsed or did not attend an endorsement meeting.

In the endorsement process, organizations must give equal speaking and question time to each candidate. No candidate may receive more time than another.

Members of organizations who decide they want to participate in endorsements must remain in the room for every candidate’s appearance. Members may not leave and return, or arrive late. If they do so, they may not participate in endorsement voting.

The Chronicle trusts that members of organizations with significant personal or professional attachments or associations with candidates will remove themselves from the endorsement process. Members who sit on the Young Trustee Nominating Committee must recuse themselves from the process.

If an organization then wishes to endorse candidates in a Chronicle letter, the president of the organization must email The email must include an attached endorsement letter and the following statement:

“I, the president of [organization name], certify that all required endorsement guidelines were followed in the formulation of this letter. I understand that failure to adhere to the guidelines undermines the election process, as well as the integrity of my organization and The Chronicle.”

There is no guarantee that any endorsement letters will be published. Letters may not exceed 325 words. Please contact Scott Briggs at with questions.