Over Winter Break, Facilities Management restarted a scheduled project on Campus Drive that will eventually provide air conditioning to buildings on East Campus.

The construction over winter break was a continuation of construction that began last year, limiting traffic on Campus Drive in many areas as workers replaced water pipes, and allowed workers to install another pipe on Campus Drive from Maxwell Street to Swift Avenue. The current construction project is happening in conjunction with the new reclamation pond near Erwin Road. Resources from the pond will be available for use in the water chilling plant and flow to East Campus, where several residence halls are currently without air conditioning.

"Chilled water is manufactured on West Campus and is used to produce air conditioning, which I know will be a welcome addition to East Campus," said Sarah Burdick, director of administration and special projects for Facilities Management.

Freshman Jack Grady noted that future students will appreciate Duke's efforts to expand air conditioning options on East Campus.

"It would be so nice if we had [air conditioning] for the first few weeks of Duke before the nights cool down," he said. "It can be very miserable when its hot and muggy."

During summer 2013 and winter break, stretches of Campus Drive were narrowed down to one lane. Over the summer, four temporary stoplights helped assist traffic.

Additionally, new storm drainage was implemented at the Chapel Drive roundabout in anticipation for an improvement project beginning summer 2014.

Cooler weather did not compromise the project, as everything went as planned and picked up from the progress made in August, Burdick added. The guiding policy of the project is to have Campus Drive open and functional during the academic year, with the majority of the work completed during the summer and winter breaks in order to limit disruption.

Burdick added that future work will take place in the summer of 2014, and Campus Drive will be repaved from Oregon Street to Main Street.