By late February, students will be able to use new ceramics, photography and printmaking studios at the remodeled Arts Annex.

The Arts Annex, which first opened in Fall 2012, has been closed since Thanksgiving break for the renovations. Located off of Campus Drive, the Arts Annex houses practice spaces for dance groups as well as free art studios. The art studios are open and fully stocked for student artists.

The Arts Annex will be opening in stages. Because the dance studio did not undergo renovations, it will open Monday. The new Hue Studios—which will host ceramics, photography and printmaking supplies—will open in late February.

“The renovations meet the demand for a wide variety of artists who previously had no spaces in which to use their desired mediums,” said sophomore Rebecca Brenner, chair of the Visual Arts Committee for Duke University Union. “There are no other open studios for students who are not enrolled in visual studies classes.”

Students led the renovation process as the annex is completely student run, said Caitlin Shaw, program coordinator for the University Center for Activities and Events.

“Students identified studios and resources to add during the renovation, helped design the layout for the new spaces and provided feedback and guidance throughout the process,” she said. “From the beginning, the Arts Annex has been a place that is driven by students and this renovation is another example of student vision for the arts at Duke.”

The funding for the renovations came from Student Affairs, said duARTS president Nandini Srinivasan, a senior.

Srinivasan and Shaw declined to comment on how much the renovations cost.

The additions also include a new workshop space, which will allow the annex to host more events and expand the workshop series they hosted last semester, Shaw noted. Registration for the Spring workshops begins this week and is open to students, faculty and staff.

Jennifer Skerritt, a senior, said the annex fills a gap for artistic students looking for an outlet. She first went to the annex at an open house last Fall and goes regularly to paint and to attend events.

“I haven’t had the opportunity to do pottery since high school, so I’m very excited to check out the new pottery facilities,” she said.

Brenner noted that the space is not only for experienced student artists.

“We hope that everyone from serious artists to casual doodlers will use the space,” she said.