The New Year provides an opportunity to set goals that we seek to actualize in the future.

There are pressing issues that students expressed concern over in 2013 that we must carry over into the new year. As a concerned student, I have listed some of the issues that we as a University community should work together to achieve.

The Duke of 2014 develops an investment policy that mirrors the moral responsibility it seeks to instill in its students. Duke’s mission to develop “…adults committed to high ethical standards and full participation as leaders in their communities” as stated by James B. Duke must be practiced in all of the University’s endeavors, including the way it handles its funds. Without transparency, we cannot be sure that Duke is practicing those values.

The Duke of 2014 equals the playing field…

If we are going to be a leader during the 21st century, the brightest minds of the world must view a Duke education as accessible. Need blind admissions and financial aid for international and undocumented students is a necessity that we cannot afford to go without.

The Duke of 2014 respects its diversity and demonstrates its respect through cultural awareness and sensitivity in every area of the university, including our social spaces, which can sometimes polarize campus and reignite cultural tensions.

The Duke of 2014 continues expanding its global presence without brick and mortar, but through innovation online. We do not need a DukeEngage location or a campus in every country to be impactful all over the world. The Duke of the future will develop a robust online education program that brings a Duke education into the homes of people who seek intellectual stimulation, without undermining the power and prowess of the main campus.

New year, new Duke.