Students on West Campus will soon be able to have food from The Loop and Pitchfork Provisions delivered directly to them.

Senior Jesse Forman and juniors Ben Richter and John Shoemaker presented their new delivery food service at the Duke Student Government meeting Wednesday night. The new service, Runner Over, allows students to call in orders and have them delivered by student workers on bike in 40 minutes or less. Runner Over will officially open in two to three weeks.

“We will be able to deliver to your dorm, to Perkins, to wherever you are,” Richter said.

The program will also expand to cover Krzyzewskiville and other areas of West Campus, Shoemaker noted.

A common problem with ordering food from off-campus vendors is that deliverymen are often unfamiliar with Duke’s campus and leave students waiting a long time for their food to arrive, Richter noted.

“With us, you won’t be waiting on Towerview while your delivery man is confused on Wannamaker,” he said.

Thus far, Runner Over has a total of 10 employees, all of who are Duke students. Each delivery person will be equipped with a company bike, t-shirt and matching snapback hat.

The service’s profits will come from a $2.50 flat charge on every delivery order that can be paid using food points or FLEX, Richter said.

In addition to The Loop and Pitchfork Provisions, the service is working to create contracts for similar delivery services from Au Bon Pain and Local Yogurt.

“We have spoken to dozens of Duke students, and everyone is very excited about this,” he said.

In other business:

Wednesday’s meeting was the first of the 2013-14 academic year. Chief Justice Daniel Strunk, a senior, swore in the senate body.

President Stefani Jones, a senior, also welcomed senators.

“I think it is going to be a really fantastic year,” Jones said. “We have an especially phenomenal [executive board] this year.”

Junior Derek Rhodes, vice president for Durham and regional affairs, is working to continue improving the Knock and Talks program.

The program, created in the 1980s to help acclimate students to their new off-campus homes, features administrators and Duke Police visiting 12 to 15 off-campus student residences to discuss housing policy and regulations each Fall.

The election for freshman senators will take place on Sept. 10. This will be the first election since the Dinner and Wang v. Board of Elections Judiciary ruling.

On April 14, the Judiciary determined that it was not within DSG’s power to restrict free speech via social media. Additionally, the ruling nullified the Board of Election’s ability to determine start and end dates for campaigning.

“We can no longer assign a specific amount of money to things like flyers, signs and Facebook posts,” said Executive Vice President Nikolai Doytchinov, a junior.

The ruling also prohibited DSG from setting an official start to campaigning, but they are permitted to announce the suggested time of Sept. 4 at 12:01 a.m.